My Friend Kevin told me about this site called GIMPS which is used in the search for Mersenne primes.

On November 17th GIMPS member Michael Shafer at Michigan State
University proved 2^20996011-1 prime. At over 6.3 million digits it is
easily the largest known prime number, beating GIMPS' 2 year old
record of just over 4 million digits. You can read more about the
discovery at the GIMPS Home page,

Congratulations to Michael and all GIMPS members for our sixth success!
Good luck to all in the search for the 41st Mersenne prime! With a lot
of luck you could even share in the $100,000 EFF award for finding a
10,000,000 digit prime!!

Well maybe it's too late - since if you follow the link above you'll see that the 41-st Mersenne Prime has already been found!

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