Jesus Aguillon

670 West Parr Ave.

Campbell, CA 95008

(408) 761-1633



OBJECTIVE:?A position where I can combine my technical experience with my interpersonal and project management skills.



Software Contracting����?����������������������������������������������������������?February 2005 to Present


SOLECON LABORATORIES, Reno NV?����������������������������������?Ongoing

Developed a software program that controls hardware used to measure spreading resistance for silicon and germanium wafers.?The software consists of a GUI written in Visual Basic with major COM components written in Python to control the hardware and to interface to a MS Access database. ?/span>?/span>Besides providing the hardware control, the system also performs analyses on the data acquired and generates various PDF reports and graphs.?I work closely with a hardware engineer developing this next generation hardware platform.


The Art Beat, Campbell CA������������������������������������������������������ Ongoing

Developed a web site for an art school/art studio ( Python and Coldfusion to access a MS Access database via ADO.?This database is used to track classes and student enrollments and provide that information to the instructors.


Wrote a desktop application using VB for the GUI and Python to provide a COM wrapper around the Python database class used for the web site.?This program lets users enter classes, students and enrollments into the database.


Implemented PayPal Website Payments Standard as the initial attempt to allow users to register for classes online.


VanClair Inc, San Carlos, CA��������������������������������������������������?Ongoing

Developed the web site site is used for storing important information that a user would want to have handy access to.?Utilizes Coldfusion to handle the interface to a database as well as session management for logged in users.�� The site also uses a Captcha program (ReCaptcha) to validate that a human is actually setting up an account. is a video search site using the AOL Truveo AJAX interface.?Web pages are coded using ASP.NET, Coldfusion, Javascript.




ASPECT COMMUNICATIONS, San Jose, CA��������������������������?October 1994 to February 2005


����������?Software Manager, Callcenter Software group ?Managed a group of 3 to 6

Software engineers as well as 4 offshore software engineers.?My group was primarily responsible for a desktop telephony application.?I had functional as well as project responsibility for this product.?The releases were tracked and coordinated and delivered on time.


����������?Principal Software Engineer, Callcenter Software group -

����������?Worked on various aspects of Callcenter release 8.�� This included the Application

����������?Bridge subsystem which is a data feed used by external applications.

Project Lead on Callcenter Release 7.3.?Project managed up to 23 engineers on this release.�� This met the schedule requirements and was delivered with high quality.

I was also responsible for scheduling and delivering software builds.?


����������?Software Manager, Agility Business unit.?I managed up to 8 Software

����������?Engineers.��?I was responsible for hiring, prioritizing of work, and doing reviews.


Project Lead on Agility software release 2.0.?This was the second release of the Agility (IVR) product.?I was responsible for ensuring that the requirements of the product were met in a timely fashion and with good quality.


Senior Software Engineer, Agility Business unit.? Primarily responsible for the backup and restore subsystem for the Aspect IVR system (Agility).?I was also the primary engineering interface to our third party software engineering company (Edify Corporation).


OCTEL COMMUNICATIONS, Milpitas, CA�������������������������������� 3/94 -- 10/94

Project Manager:

I had responsibility for customer-specific international voice mail releases.?I was responsible for coordinating and scheduling of different resources on a cross-functional team.?This team was comprised of Engineering, Marketing, Documentation and Manufacturing.


KODIAK TECHNOLOGY, Fremont, CA������������������������������������?8/90-2/94

Staff Software Engineer:

I designed and coded software drivers for Ethernet board level products as a member of a small team of software engineers.?These boards were based on the SEEQ 8005 Ethernet controller chip.? The drivers included?Novell, LAN Manager, and NetBios.?Coding was done using an Intel assembler.


I was the software lead in the development of the parallel port adapter project.?The parallel port adapter allowed a laptop user to connect to an Ethernet network via the parallel port.?I lead the project from the initial software design to shipment of the product.


I developed functional diagnostics for the different boards.?These were implemented as a combination of C and assembler code.


STRATACOM, INC., Campbell, CA������������������������������������������?5/89-8/90

Member of Technical Staff:

I designed and developed the software to support a European 2.048 MBps interface card.?This was done by modification of the existing T1 software.?This software consisted of commands to establish and teardown connections, display alarms, and establish signaling and conditioning criteria.


TELENOVA, INC., Los Gatos, CA��������������������������������������������?10/83-2/89

Manager of Software:

I was responsible for the Call Processing/User Interface Group.?I prioritized and scheduled activities for a group of 4 software engineers.?I provided technical leadership to the members of the group as needed.?I was also the project lead for a release of the PBX software.


Project Lead ?Telenova Attendant Console��������������������

I coordinated the entire effort consisting of software, hardware, and mechanical engineering.?I was also responsible for the high level design of the software and the initial coding phase.?The project completed on schedule.



QUOTRON SYSTEMS, INC., Los Angeles, CA�������������������������� 2/83-10/83

Systems Programmer:

Designed and coded an HDLC line driver for the QUOTRON financial network system.



Systems Design Engineer:

Developed code for the packet level processor for Amdahl�s X.25 data switch.? My main responsibility was the design and implementation of the Fast Select Facility.


DELPHI COMMUNICATIONS, INC., Los Angeles, CA���������������� 7/80-3/82

Systems Programmer:

Designed and implemented communications software for a fault-tolerant telephony system.? I worked on hardware initialization code; interrupt handlers, and a background process to monitor the status of the system�s hardware components.


TEKTRONIX, INC., Beaverton, OR�������������������������������������������� 6/78-7/80

Software Engineer:

Responsible for the design and implementation of code for a single user multi-tasking kernel for a Z-80 microprocessor.?We utilized structured programming techniques, this included participation in design reviews and walk-throughs.



BA Mathematics, Reed College, Portland, OR���������������������������� May 1979

Senior Thesis: Context-Free Grammars and Automata



Python, Coldfusion, C, JavaScript, Assembler, FORTRAN, C++, Pascal, Windows, Unix, Oracle, SQL, Dreamweaver, Clearcase, Clearquest, SVN, Visual Basic, ADO


OTHER SKILLS: Strong inter-personal skills; Fluency in Spanish, working knowledge of French

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